Ramdane Ait


Ramdane Ait is an aeronautical engineer who first built his career working for a renowned multinational firm. During this time, his many business trips around world exposed him to other cultures. This experience gradually drew Ramdane to a profession that allows him to have a direct impact on people’s lives; given his natural talent for overcoming ambitious challenges, it’s no surprise Ramdane was led straight to real estate.

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Human goals

“I now dedicate the same attention to detail I applied in engineering to more human goals. Coming up with creative solutions to help the people with whom I have built relationships of trust fills me with an immense sense of accomplishment. There is no greater satisfaction than helping families find a new home or helping older clients get the best possible selling conditions so that they can enjoy their retirement to the fullest.”

Beyond the

“When my clients buy real estate, I always ask them to think about the future. How long do they plan on living in the home? What will their next step be? I encourage them to look as far ahead as possible so that the property they purchase meets not only their current needs, but their long-term needs as well. You should never lose sight of the fact that real estate is also an investment that should be maximized over time.”

A winning association:
Royal LePage

For Ramdane Ait, the Royal LePage banner is the perfect match for his meticulous approach. The organization is well structured and its well thought-out website includes a number of digital tools. Then there’s the banner’s famous royal protections to deal with any eventuality.

Ramdane Ait is everything the ideal real estate broker should be: extremely detail-oriented, incredibly efficient and a skilled communicator. Nothing escapes his sharp eye, and every step in the buying or selling process is done with transparency, professionalism and enjoyment.

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